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I am Tim Hayes, "a believer" in Jesus Christ, whom I know and love. I have written these articles for myself and others in hopes that they will help us in our journey after God.  As in all things, test what is here with  Scripture. I welcome your thoughts, encouragement and challenges.


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Statement of Faith


Aug 13

A Disannulling of The Commandment

Jul 13

All Thy Commandments

Oct 11


Call On The Father

Mar 14

Dead To The Law

Elect Unto Obedience


God Gave Them Up

Feb 11

How Long Shall I Suffer?

Jun 13

Keep My Commandments

Limited Atonement for All

Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage

No Greater Burden

Mar 12

Aug 11

Not Under The Law

Feb 14

One New Man

Jul 07

Spiritual Warfare

Sep 11

That You May Know

Dec 13

The Feasts Of The Lord

The Lamb's Wife

The House of God


Nov 13

The Law Was Our Schoolmaster

Mar 11

The Lord's Supper

The Sanctity of Marriage

Mar 09

Be In Subjection

Be Sober, Be Vigilant

Do I Seek To Please Men?

Do You Believe?

Doest Thou Well To Be Angry?

Draw Nigh To God

Fear Of The Lord

Jan 09

Fellowship With God

Oct 11

For The Lukewarm Heart

Giving Thanks

I Wondered

In My Name

Is It Lawful?

Jun 10

Joy Unspeakable

My Servant Job

Of Power and Of Love

Proud in Heart

Salvation... For Dummies

Shield of Faith

Sing Psalms

So Is The Tongue

Wait On The Lord

Why Art Thou Disquieted?

The Substance

Jul 11

The Voice of God

Things That Accompany

This Cup

Thou Art Worthy

Mar 12

Use It Lawfullly

Mar 14

War With The Saints

Aug 11

What God Hath Cleansed


Equal In Spirit

Aug 08

Fitly Spoken

Given By Inspiration

His Virgin

Sacred Geometry

The Syrian Recension


What Is Truth?


Photo Gallery


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Be Afflicted

His Smile

Mar 07

Instruction of a Father

Seek Ye The Lord


A Bloody Husband

Lazarus Is Dead and I Am Glad

Remember Lot's Wife

The Second Death

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Marriage & Family

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